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Thu Nov 02 2023

Over the past few days, you might have noticed different blockchain naming services under the Dot banner. And as you might have guessed, these services are all under the same flag. And now, we are unifying them all under the DotNames name!

What is DotNames?

Up until now, we have had five blockchain naming services appropriately named:

  1. DotShm: For the Shardeum blockchain
  2. DotSei: For Sei
  3. DotZeta: For Zeta
  4. DotOmni: For Omni
  5. DotTaiko: For Taiko

DotNames is revolutionizing how blockchains and domain names interact. We are working on a unique way to manage all the existing blockchain-based identities on-chain & earn through it by participating in the platform’s growth.

– Why we are unifying

Currently, DotNames has multiple domain name services (DNS) running in tandem. We have already listed them above. Imagine going to different sites, connecting to multiple smart contracts and facing different transaction routes. That just isn’t as convenient as having everything arranged on a single website!

Not just this, we’re bringing a cool way to interact with on-chain identities, participate, earn & grow together, all at once place.

You can buy a .sei domain and immediately buy a .shm one without any friction!

– How we are unifying on the different parts

This move from the different DNSs to DotNames means a change in messaging and our various outlets. Right now, each DNS under the DotNames ecosystem has its own separate Twitter, Discord and Zealy.

We are keeping these channels but pivoting to a more unified social media approach. So expect to see more communication on the official DotNames Twitter, Discord and other social media channels.

Similarly, the current quest system on Zealy will be modified to bring in all the different DotNames entities under one single Zealy quest board.

– Unification of Discord

DotShm’s discord server will be converted to DotNames’ discord. The vibrant community at DotShm will integrate with a LOT of new chains and create the DotNames community!

So, what can you expect?

  1. Unified channels for general interactions
  2. Different DNS-specific channels
  3. Weekly events. These can be chain-specific or unified
  4. New discord roles. Both general and chain-specific

Needless to say, a lot of new things and features are coming to our Discord. You can go to the DotShm discord now and see all the changes as they happen!

Join the DotNames discord server:

What about the other Discord servers?

They will be used as announcement-only channels that won’t have a lot of active DotNames attention. And slowly, these discord servers will be phased out completely in favor of the DotNames discord server.

You can migrate anytime you want, but it’s best to move early and enjoy all the fancy events!

– Unification of Telegram

DotSei’s announcement Telegram channel will be converted to DotNames’ Telegram. The vibrant community at DotSei will integrate with a LOT of new chains and create the DotNames community!

So, what can you expect?

  1. Unified channels for general announcements
  2. All events, campaigns and EVERYTHING in one place

DotShm’s general discussion Telegram channel will be converted to DotNames’ Telegram. The vibrant community at DotShm will integrate with a LOT of new chains and create the DotNames community!

So, what can you expect?

  1. Unified channels for ALL discussions
  2. Discussion for all campaigns, products and everything in between

Join the DotSei announcement Telegram channel:

Join the DotShm chat Telegram channel:

– Unification of Twitter

We are getting a new DotNames Twitter account. All the communication that relates to the entire DotNames community will be done there.

So, what can you expect?

  1. A combined communication channel for ALL DotNames product
  2. Announcements for events and Twitter spaces for all DotNames products
  3. Updates on any project
  4. Your regularly scheduled content!

Follow the DotNames Twitter handle here:

What will happen to the other Twitter accounts?

With the shift of all Twitter communication to DotNames, the other Twitter handles will not see a lot of content. Eventually, they will eventually be phased out of communication and only the official DotNames Twitter account will be used for Twitter communication.

As such, it’s best that you follow us there now!

– Unification of Zealy

DotSei’s Zealy (ex: Crew3) will be converted to the DotNames Zealy quest board. The current quests will be updated to meet the vision of the new ecosystem. As such, expect new quests and a brand-new leaderboard for a fresh start!

So, what can you expect?

  1. New quests that focus on the multi-chain DotNames ecosystem
  2. Old quests with updated point values
  3. New Discord roles for leveling-up
  4. Quest sprints

What will happen to the other Zealy quest boards?

They will be only there to pivot the user to the DotNames official Zealy. No point in keeping any redundancy, right? As such, the current DotSei Zealy will be transformed with new quests and rewards while the old Zealys will be immediately discontinued.

The chart toppers of specific long-running Zealys will be rewarded for their long-standing goodwill to their specific favorite projects.

Everyone wins! Join the Zealy:

– How things will look in the future

DotNames will have more unified communication across all its different channels.

Take an example: There is a Discord event specific to the DotSei ecosystem. You will see an announcement of the event on DotNames’ Twitter. People in the Sei ecosystem will obviously be interested. So you can expect them to join this event.

But this is also a good opportunity for someone who wants to learn about the Sei ecosystem. You can expect new people to interact with DotSei through this system. The event will happen on the DotNames’ discord server. This would be a good opportunity for everyone to learn about Sei.

The point is, this unification will not only keep all the DotNames communities together but also foster a cross-chain learning ecosystem. And as we keep adding more chains into the family, you can get accustomed to all of the web3 ecosystem!

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