DotNames Dominates 2023: From Humble Beginnings to Multi-Chain Mania

DotNames Domains

Fri Dec 29 2023

Remember DotShm? That quaint little web3 domain registrar? Buckle up, because 2023 saw DotNames evolve into a multi-chain behemoth, empowering Web3 citizens with personalized identities and fueling community growth at a breakneck pace.

It all started with a fervent belief in the power of self-owned addresses in the burgeoning world of Web3. DotShm emerged, offering users the chance to claim their desired “.shm” domains. The community responded with enthusiasm, propelling DotShm’s Twitter following from a modest 10,000 to a respectable 480,000 across all DotNames platforms – a staggering 48x growth fueled by shared passion and endless possibilities.

The expansions:

But DotNames wasn’t content with just one chain. We started the year with humble beginning with just DotShm. DotShm was soon joined by:

DotTaiko and of course,
DotNames joined the DotNames family, each offering unique web3 domain extensions and catering to diverse communities within the cryptoverse.

This wasn’t just a brand expansion; it was a testament to DotNames’ commitment to democratizing Web3 identities. Whether you’re a DeFi enthusiast, a metaverse explorer, or an NFT aficionado, DotNames offers a domain extension that resonates with your digital persona. And the community embraced it. While the occasional bump on the road was inevitable, the response was overwhelmingly positive, proving that DotNames was on the right track.

Domains sold:

And speaking of tracks, DotNames left some serious tire marks on the Web3 highway. Over 540,000 domains across testnets and mainnets found their forever homes through DotNames. That’s not just a number; it’s a testament to the growing demand for personalized self-expression in the digital realm. Each “.shm,” “.omni,” or “.taiko” domain whispers a story, reflecting the holder’s passions and online ambitions.

Onwards to 2024:

But DotNames isn’t resting on its laurels. 2024 promises to be even more incredible. A massive update to is on the horizon, streamlining domain management and making the experience even more intuitive. And the expansion continues, with DotNames setting its sights on new markets in the vast cryptoverse.

So, brace yourselves! We’re not slowing down anytime soon. Follow DotNames domains and buckle up for a wild ride in 2024. Together, we’ll define the future of Web3, one personalized domain at a time!

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