DotOmni and Blazpay Integration

DotNames Domains

Sat Dec 16 2023

At DotOmni, we’ve always believed in the potential of the Omni blockchain to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world. Now, we’re thrilled to announce our integration with Blazpay, a DeFi and payments app built on Omni, that will take this vision to new heights.

Why Blazpay?

Blazpay’s seamless integration with the Omni blockchain makes it a game-changer for everyday transactions. Users can easily send and receive funds, access DeFi protocols, and manage their finances, all within a user-friendly interface. This aligns perfectly with DotOmni’s mission of providing secure and accessible domain services on Omni.

About DotOmni:

DotOmni is the leading domain service provider on the Omni blockchain. We offer a user-friendly platform for registering, managing, and renewing your Omni domains, with a focus on security, transparency, and ease of use.

About Blazpay:

Blazpay is a DeFi and payments app built on the Omni blockchain. It simplifies DeFi access, enables seamless payments, and empowers users to take control of their finances in a decentralized way.

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