DotNames and TaskOn Integration

DotNames Domains

Tue Dec 19 2023

At DotNames, we envision a future where everyone, regardless of technical expertise, can seamlessly navigate and own a piece of the web3 landscape. Today, we take a significant step towards that vision by announcing integration with TaskOn, a revolutionary web3 quest and community app live on multiple blockchains.

Empowering the Web3 Curious:

TaskOn gamifies the web3 exploration journey, breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized quests and offering users valuable rewards for participation. This aligns perfectly with DotNames’ core mission of making domain ownership accessible and empowering.

About DotNames:

DotNames is a leading domain name service aggregator, empowering individuals and businesses to claim their identity in the web3 space. We offer a comprehensive suite of services across multiple blockchains, making domain registration, management, and utilization seamless and intuitive.

About TaskOn:

TaskOn is a web3 quest and community app available on multiple blockchains. It gamifies the learning experience, guiding users through interactive quests to discover the potential of web3 technologies and rewarding them for their engagement.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on this collaboration, as we work together to onboard new users, showcase the power of domain ownership, and build a thriving web3 community, one engaging quest at a time.

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