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DotNames Domains

Fri Nov 24 2023

DotNames domains is the next-generation reward-based, chain agnostic, DID aggregator platform.

Our plan is to integrate all the existing domain services to start with, create a market, and support dapps and protocols on each network with their own communities by gating them using their own community-based identities & keep evolving over time.

But we can’t do that with just one domain name service on a single blockchain!

This is why we are building a chain-agnostic product. On DotNames, you can buy a domain on one blockchain and use the on-chain identity on another chain. No more ENS for Ethereum or ZNS for ZkSync.

With DotNames, your domain bought on one blockchain is your cross-chain identity.

Let’s see how this works:

DotNames’ services are available on the following blockchains (as of Nov 2023):

  1. Shardeum (DotShm)
  2. Omni blockchain (DotOmni)
  3. Zeta (DotZeta)
  4. Sei (DotSei)
  5. Taiko (DotTaiko)
  6. Mantle (DotMantle)

When you buy a domain on any of the aforementioned services, you can use it as your identity on ANY blockchain by signing a simple transaction. Let’s take an example: you bought a domain on the Shardeum blockchain (name.shm) and you want that name to be used as your multi-chain identity.

Now, you will sign a transaction that will make name.shm applicable to ALL the blockchain that you access through your wallet. You would then be able to use that domain name as your web3 identity on ANY blockchain.

Of course, for that to happen, there are a lot of prerequisites that need to first happen. Let’s look at them in the following section.


Most of the above blockchains are in their testnet phase. So of course, the total development of those DotNames products on these web3 networks will be governed somewhat by the blockchain teams’ plans.

Also, this mechanism will be made possible with the DotNames SDK which is still under development. Our tech team is super talented. So expect the SDK to drop into the market any time now!

The SDK itself is a huge part of the DotNames infrastructure. We won’t be revealing too much about it, but let’s just say it will be HUGE and game-changing for web3, DeFi, on-chain identity, cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole.

What can you expect from DotNames then?

A LOT! But be ready to get your whole web3 experience changed. And in the meantime, don’t forget to complete the quests on DotNames quests. Head over to DotNames to get a headstart!

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