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Launching DotTaiko: THE solution for web3 identity on the Taiko blockchain

DotNames Domains

Sat Dec 09 2023

DotTaiko has taken the blockchain world by storm, boasting an incredible 50,000 domains registered in under 48 hours! But what is DotTaiko? What is it built on? What is the tech?

About Taiko:

DotTaiko is the web3 domain naming service built for the Taiko blockchain community. Currently, the Taiko ecosystem is building, testing and expanding on the Jolnir testnet. And as the testnets refine, you can expect Taiko to launch a mainnet. Whenever that happens, you can count on DotTaiko to be one of the first products to land on the mainnet!

Taiko boasts of a gasless transaction ecosystem where users pay only for the utility they buy and there are NO gas fees involved. DotNames, and by extension DotTaiko, is all about innovation and we are super excited for the future of gasless transactions. Our tech will allow users to buy, sell and transact web3 domains on Taiko without expending gas fees.

About DotNames:

DotNames domains is the parent of blockchain identity solutions such as DotShm, DotOmni, DotZeta and others. Now we are expanding our services to the Taiko ecosystem with DotTaiko. And with 50,000 domains in under 48 hours, the Taiko community has embraced us warmly. And we couldn’t be happier!

If you’re eager to dive into the world of gasless web3 domains on Taiko, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Visit DotTaiko’s Website:

Begin your journey by visiting DotTaiko’s website at This is where the magic begins, setting the stage for acquiring your very own gasless web3 domain.

2. Connect to Taiko Jolnir Testnet:

To engage with the Taiko Jolnir testnet, integrate the Taiko Jolnir testnet into your blockchain wallet:

  • Chain ID: 167007 (0x28c5f)
  • RPC URL:

Connecting your wallet to the Taiko Jolnir testnet sets the foundation for interacting with the platform, enabling you to proceed with domain acquisition seamlessly.

3. Choose the Smart Wallet:

Select the ‘Smart Wallet’ feature within your wallet to facilitate gasless transactions. Ensure a nominal amount of test $ETH resides in your wallet to initiate the process. DotTaiko is actively working on a solution to mitigate the necessity for holding ETH, aiming to enhance user accessibility.

4. Select Your Identity:

Now is the time to choose your on-chain identity within the Taiko Jolnir testnet. This step marks the pivotal moment to proceed with the purchase of your gasless web3 domain. It’s important to note that this process occurs within the Jolnir TESTNET environment, where domain availability may fluctuate due to testnet resets. However, these actions won’t impact any products on any mainnet.

5. Confirm Your Purchase:

As you move forward, designate your domain as your primary identity by toggling the primary button. Additionally, customize the duration for which you’ll own the domain. Keep in mind that owing to the testnet environment, the permanency of these settings isn’t guaranteed.

6. Go Gasless:

Opt for gasless transactions to acquire your domain hassle-free. Taiko’s groundbreaking technology offers gasless web3 domains, positioning you as one of the pioneering individuals to possess one. Simply sign the transaction in your wallet, and voila! Your journey to owning a gasless web3 domain on DotTaiko is complete.

Embracing DotTaiko’s Gasless Web3 Domains

The exponential growth in DotTaiko’s domain registrations symbolizes a paradigm shift toward gasless web3 domains. By eliminating the need for gas fees, the platform revolutionizes accessibility and usability within the blockchain ecosystem.

The Promise of DotTaiko’s Gasless Web3 Domains

Owning a gasless web3 domain on DotTaiko extends beyond ownership—it’s an embrace of groundbreaking technology. Gasless transactions pave the way for enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and innovation in the blockchain space.

The Future Awaits

DotTaiko’s pioneering initiative towards gasless web3 domains is a game-changer. By removing the barrier of gas fees, they’re democratizing blockchain access and usability. Join the revolution now and be part of the future with DotTaiko!

Acquiring your gasless web3 domain on DotTaiko is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can join the ranks of individuals embracing this innovative technology, free from the constraints of gas fees. Dive into the realm of gasless web3 domains and be at the forefront of blockchain evolution with DotTaiko!

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