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DotNames Quests and how to maximize your prizes

DotNames Domains

Wed Dec 06 2023

DotNames domains is gearing up for big feature upgrades! Our domain aggregator and buying system are much closer than you can think. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. To get the full advantage of the reward-based DotNames platform, you have to maximize your Names Points collection.

Here is what to do to climb the leaderboard, reach the top spot and get huge rewards on DotNames web3 domains:

Names points are distributed from the DotNames quests. And right now, two different types of quests are available, namely the Names Quests and Invite Quests. Here is how both these quests work:

  1. Names Quests:
    Names quests are the best place to start your journey and learn more about the DotNames ecosystem. Names Quests gives you a taste of the DotNames community and how the platform itself works. Doing all the quests will give you 100 Names Points. A sizeable start! 100 Names Points might not sound much, but this is where your rewards start to balloon with the Invite Quests.
  2. Invite Quests:
    As the name suggests, Invite Quests rewards you for the number of people you invite to join DotNames. For every person that you invite, you earn 20 Names Points. Got 10 friends? Easy 200 points. Got 100 friends? Come and get 2000 points!
    Is there any restriction on the number of people you can invite? Nope! Invite as many as you like. Just make sure that they do at least one quest. For an invite to register, the invited person has to complete one Names Quest.

See the top leaderboard? The winners here have invited dozens of friends and earn hundreds of points doing so. The more points you earn, the better your rewards will be.

Now is the time to earn more Names Points and exchange them for massive rewards when more of DotNames is released!

Till then, keep farming!

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