Web3: Where Brand Identity Gets a Blockchain Upgrade

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Wed Jan 17 2024

The winds of change are sweeping through the digital landscape, and familiar titans like Adidas are leading the charge into the uncharted territory of Web3. With over $23 million earned from NFTs in 2021 alone, it’s clear that big brands are recognizing the immense potential of this decentralized future. But to truly thrive in this new space, they need an identity that speaks the language of blockchain – a Web3 domain.

How do web2 domains work?

While traditional .com addresses have served us well in the Web2 era, masking our IP addresses under memorable names, their centralized nature feels increasingly out of place in the peer-to-peer world of Web3. Here’s where Web3 domains like .shm step in, acting as the bridge between the familiar and the revolutionary. Much like .com masks our IP addresses with human-readable domain names, .shm masks our complex wallet addresses (think strings of random letters and numbers) with equally memorable names.

Web3 domains

Just imagine the impact when Nike.shm or Gucci.taiko become the gateway to accessing these brands’ exclusive NFT collections, merchandise drops, or even metaversal experiences. Suddenly, brand interaction transcends click-through banners and enters the realm of immersive, personalized encounters. This potential doesn’t escape the forward-thinking giants of Web2, paving the way for a land rush of sorts in the Web3 domain space.

Beyond the brand image boost, Web3 domains offer exciting utility within the decentralized future. Picture hosting your brand’s entire online presence directly on your Web3 domain, creating a fully integrated ecosystem where all interactions occur natively on the blockchain. This opens doors to possibilities like seamless integration of NFT ownership into brand experiences, personalized loyalty programs tied to wallets, and community-driven governance models.

Choosing the best domains

Now, the question arises – how can big businesses navigate this new market and secure the best Web3 domains for their brands? Three key principles serve as a compass:

  • Brevity is King: Short, memorable domain names are easier to recall and share, resonating better with audiences. Think “Apple.omni” or “Tesla.sei.”
  • Embrace Numbers and Letters: Simple combinations of numbers and letters create instantly recognizable identifiers, maximizing brand recall and domain availability. “1010.taiko” or “Gucci3.zeta” exemplify this approach.
  • Become a Trendsetter: Anticipating future trends in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape allows brands to secure domains with inherent value. Imagine owning “Metaverse.shm” before the virtual world boom!

Ultimately, the integration of Web3 domains into brand strategies marks a significant shift in the digital landscape. It signals a move towards decentralization, personalized experiences, and community-driven engagement. For big businesses willing to embrace this paradigm shift, Web3 domains become not just a catchy address, but a passport to a future where brand identity thrives in the blockchain ecosystem. So, fasten your seatbelts, because the race for the best Web3 domains is just beginning.

This is just a starting point, and the possibilities are truly endless. As technology advances and more use cases for Web3 domains emerge, we can expect the landscape to shift and evolve even further. By actively participating in this conversation and adapting their strategies, big businesses can ensure they not only survive, but thrive in the exciting new era of Web3.

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